July 22, 2014

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Not Time – Energy! Updating the Work-Life Balance Debate

Does it seem like the perpetual issue of “work-life balance” is getting old and worn out? Have we given up on it or is it just time to evolve to a different way of thinking about managing our energy as we accomplish things at work and life our life? – InPower Editors When The Atlantic published … more...


Research Says: Women More Likely To Lead the Social Enterprise

  Study:  The State of Social Enterprise Survey 2013 (Social Enterprise UK, 2013) Finding: Social enterprises are attracting more female leaders and more leaders from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities than mainstream businesses. Note about The Woman Effect Research Index: … more...


Good Reads For Women (Week of 7-11-14)

  Here are the top shares of the week, along with some good links we caught this week that we think make good reads for women! Enjoy and feel free to post other links we should explore in comments below. ~ InPower Editors Most Shared of the Week   Why Working Wives Should Be … more...


Do Women Really Have Effective Communication Skills?

Women are great communicators... aren't we? Well, it depends on what you think the most successful aspect of communication really is. Mary hits it right on the nose. Good communicators, and powerful people, are excellent listeners. Effective communications skills start with listening. - InPower … more...


3 Mindsets of People That Have It All

The "have it all" debate is getting old, but that doesn't mean we still don't want it all! Laurie provides some great insight into what it takes to have it all. - InPower Editors Last week I shared a manifesto of sorts about how I’ve come to realize – after years of resisting – that we can “have … more...