April 24, 2014

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Employee Turnover: 5 Phrases That Send Your People Scurrying For The Door

Words are powerful communicators of attitudes that can build people up or tear them down. As a leader, your words carry more weight than you realize, and you need to be careful you're not parroting things that are driving people to leave. Employee turnover is expensive in more ways than one, so when … more...


How to be a Game Changer

Women are often told not to play the business game by the same rules as the men. We don’t fare well when we do. But what are we supposed to do? Birute gives us an awesome example of what a female game changer looks and acts like. Go Celeste! (and Jane!) – InPower Editors Be a game changer: 3 … more...

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Leadership Skill: Hearing Bad News

GUEST AUTHOR: ANN TIMMONS It takes a lot of humility to be a good leader. You have to be personally strong enough to hear bad news without blaming the messenger.  Ann does a great job of helping us focus on this key leadership skill and reminding us why developing our own inner power is so useful … more...


Research Summary: Gender Based Negotiation Styles

Title: Reversing the Gender Gap in Negotiations Study: Reversing the Gender Gap in Negotiations: An Exploration of Stereotype Regeneration (Laura J. Kray, Adam D. Galinsky, Leigh Thompson. Elsevier 2000) Finding: Women outperform men in negotiation styles when they are told that feminine … more...


Good Reads For Women (Week of 4/14/14)

  Here are the top shares of the week, along with some good links we caught this week that we think make good reads for women! Enjoy and feel free to post other links we should explore in comments below. ~ InPower Editors Most Shared of the Week The question every great leader asks- … more...