September 18, 2014

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Appreciation: One Small Action with a Big Effect

Do you take your soul to work? Do you lead your team with it? Birute reminds us as leaders how important it is for each of us to help create a soulful—instead of soulless—workplace. - InPower Editors A 2013 Gallop poll found that a stunning 70 percent of Americans hate their job, often because of … more...


Constructive vs Destructive Complaining

Admit it. Sometimes you just need to whine a bit. Complaining is a natural impulse to experiencing things that we don't like. Mary gives us a great gift in helping distinguish constructive complaining from destructive complaining. Use her wisdom the next time you feel like whining! - InPower … more...


Working Moms Have Mommy Energy! [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

  Being a working mom is a challenge – no two ways about it. Today we host Liz McGrory, the Working Mom Coach and Author of Igniting Mommy Energy, to give us important insights about how being a working mom can actually make us more effective at work and with our family. Join us on this page … more...


Research Says: Women In Groups Make Smarter Groups!

Study: The Female Factor (Harvard Business Review, Woolley and McGovern, 2011) Finding: The IQ of individuals in a group is not as important as how gender-diverse it is. Bringing women into the group causes the intelligence to rise. Note about The Woman Effect Research Index: This study was … more...


Good Reads for Women (Week of 09/08/14)

  Here are the top shares of the week, along with some good links we caught this week that we think make good reads for women! Enjoy and feel free to post other links we should explore in comments below. ~ InPower Editors Most Shared of the Week Lead Like A Girl: How To Empower Women … more...