September 4, 2015

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Three Ways to Ask For A Favor and Why You Should Do It

“Umm…I have a favor to ask”. Believe it or not, these are some of the hardest words for me. As much as helping others makes me feel good, I have a hard time asking others for help.  Yet I also recognize that being willing to ask people for favors is a key enabler for us to meet our goals. Here are … more...


Creating a Happier Company Culture

By: John Rampton Your attitude determines the atmosphere of your workspace. Every business has its unique culture: the culture defines the core values of the company and creates a set of unofficial guidelines for employees to follow. It also helps determine which discretionary behavior is … more...


Women’s Equality: Blame Won’t Get Us There

Today is Women’s Equality Day. I’m glad that this day exists. It commemorates the game-changing moment, 95 years ago today, when women gained the constitutional right to vote in the US.  It’s important to celebrate that and to remember that there are still many women in the world without a political … more...


As Leaders In Business, What Is Our Calling?

“Allow the way to your great work to be guided by your service to others.” ~ Mollie Marti What is our purpose in life? That is a question that could be discussed for hours and is worthy of our attention. I pose it because I believe how we lead our personal lives has an appropriate bearing on who … more...


How To Conquer Your Fears

Fear will stop you dead in your tracks or make you run like hell. It’s supposed to do that. When you come face to face with a life threatening moment, like a fire in your house or a wild animal in your path, your fight or flight reaction kicks in; thank heavens for that. That’s what fear is designed … more...