April 27, 2015

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Good Reads for Women (Week of 04-20-15)

  Here are the top shares of the week, along with some good links we caught this week that we think make good reads for women! Enjoy and feel free to post other links we should explore in comments below. ~ InPower Editors Most Shared of the Week   Women on Boards Series: Get Your … more...


How Do You Respond To Gender Discrimination & Bias?

What do you do in that moment where you see someone discriminating against you - or another woman? Sometimes you want to lash out at gender discrimination. Sometimes you're so flabbergasted you don't know what to say or do. Take some tips from InPowerWomen.com bloggers Dana Theus and Emily … more...


Career Coaching: Look How Far You’ve Come

Sometimes we forget what it was like trying to manage your career in the "old days," before the internet and career coaching. Andria reminds us that things are much better now! - InPower Editors I spend a lot of time working with clients on ‘what’s next’, their next step, next career, or next … more...

Judy Marks Bio Photo

Executive Interview: Judy Marks, President & CEO of Siemens Government Technologies

What do you do when you don't have an executive female role model above you to show you what a successful woman looks, acts and thinks like? You find one somewhere else! We're here to help! In our series of interviews with senior executive women we're happy to introduce you to Judy Marks, President … more...


Women and the Non Profit Sector: A Drastic Need to Rewrite the Narrative

We think of women as the primary drivers behind the giving and charity sectors, but it's not necessarily so from a leadership point of view. Thanks to Kaitlin for reminding us that the women doing some of the most important work in the world should be celebrated. - InPower Editors By: Kaitlin … more...