November 27, 2015

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The Work Life Conundrum: Struggle Now or Down the Road?

Recently I read that millennials are more focused on “finding the work that fits your life” than their mothers were at the same age. In my Baby Boomer generation women left the workforce in large numbers to be with family—and through my coaching practice I know that these off-rampers still tend to … more...


Women Leaders Aren’t A Modern Invention

You don’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you have been. It’s a common cliché, but it can be true – especially when we talk about women and leadership. When we think about historic women leaders, names that frequently come to mind are Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Elizabeth I. We … more...


The Power of Female Leadership: 3 Important Behaviors to Adopt

By: Carmen Bolanos We’ve all read about the qualities it takes to become a great female leader: how to “lean in,” what language to use in order to show an attitude of cooperation, the importance of personal flexibility. In addition to some of these overt actions and the content of what we say, … more...


Are You Fully Charged? 5 Ways to Energize Your Work & Life

I recently had the pleasure of hearing best selling author and Gallup researcher, Tom Rath, speak at a conference.  While researching his latest book, he asked 10,000 people a simple question:  Did you have a great deal of energy yesterday?  If I asked you that question, how would you respond?  … more...


7 Tips for Bouncing Back From Disappointment

Life isn’t fair. You can’t always get what you want. Even though you know this, disappointment hurts anyway. You can’t think yourself into feeling better. The shift has to be made emotionally. Hopefully, you will be able to shift to feeling gratitude or happiness after a setback. Most likely, … more...