November 29, 2015

The Woman Effect

A significant women’s leadership presence in any organization instigates a healthier environment that generates greater productivity, profitability and sustainability.[1]  This is The Woman Effect. Here are some explanitory articles:

  1. We’re Good Leaders In Today’s Economy
  2. We’re Really Good At What We Do
  3. We’re Good Investors
  4. Men Are Helping Us
  5. The Woman Effect Is Not (Just) About Women

Activate The Woman Effect

“Women’s empowerment” has disempowered women into waiting to be given power. In fact, a significant women’s leadership presence in any organization – empowered or not – instigates a healthier business environment that generates greater productivity, profitability and sustainability. This is The Woman Effect. For your company or organization to benefit from The Woman Effect – you must activate it in yourself first.

  • You must accept your unique value to the world as it is today.
  • You must grow beyond the social and business cultures that created an unsustainable world.
  • You must establish new partnerships with the men and institutions that run the modern world.
  • You must take on the responsibility for leading our world – your business and your family – to create the world we want to live in and we want our children to live in.


Women are powerful. You are powerful.

As Individual women, we are only now waking up to the responsibility The Woman Effect places on us to claim our power to lead in a world broken and in need of our gifts. What can YOU do to help activate The Woman Effect in your world and our world?

Do You Teach A Class That Looks At Women In Leadership?

We believe passionately that young women (and men!) need to know the facts about women and their positive impact on business, development, peacekeeping and more. We are indexing all the research we can find on women in leadership and would be happy to help you and your students access it in a meaningful way. Feel free to browse and search the index, and contact us about locating specific kinds of research (we have indexed more than is currently on the site) and/or speak to your class about the top line findings.

Do You Work For A Company That Prioritizes Women’s Leadership?

InPower Women is seeking research partners for our corporate research initiative, designed to take a fresh, actionable and results-driven approach to women’s leadership in corporations,  non-profits and other large institutions. If your company is serious about women in leadership, please refer us to the most senior person you can and we’ll do the rest! Contact us to get started!

[1] For organizations evaluated in multiple research studies, The Woman Effect kicks in to bring these benefits to the social units studied at approximately 30% female participation in the organizations’ leadership.

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