April 23, 2014

Research Summary: California Women Business Leaders


Title: California Women Business Leaders Study:  UC Davis Study of California Women Business Leaders (Curall, UC Davis 2012-13) Finding: Women still hold fewer than one in 10 of the highest-paid executive positions and board seats at the top public firms in California. Note about The Woman Effect Research Index: This study was performed by researchers not […]

Women, Burnout and Mindfulness

typing hands

  Burnout isn’t working for anyone in our business culture – especially not women, who so easily burn out from family + work duties. Emily raises our consciousness with this post to remind us that we have the choice. – InPower Editors Two years ago I wrote about a former boss who casually mentioned after a […]

Why Does Equal Pay Really Matter?


Happy Equal Pay Day! The issue of equal pay is rife with assumption and data. Dana makes an effort to look at what’s really going on inside the wage gap. – InPower Editors This week we celebrate Equal Pay Day, when we’re encouraged to wear red to visually reference how far women and minorities are […]

Why Women Don’t Make Less than Men [Infographic]


We hear a lot about the pay gap and there certainly is one. The official data says women earn $0.77 to the dollar that men do, but what we’re learning is that the pay gap isn’t all about discrimination. The choices women make matter too. Nothing is all or nothing! – InPower Editors Source: TopManagementDegrees.com […]

Learn to Rock the Boat


Women are often caught in the paradox of wanting to “play nice” and the need not to “rock the boat.” It can feel like a no-win scenario but Henna reminds us that the path out of this paradox is authenticity. – InPower Editors How many times have you stopped to reconsider what you wanted to […]

6 Tips for Staying Positive When You’re in a Career Transition

Looking for a job when you don’t have one is one of the hardest things we do as responsible adults. Career transition is hard work and the biggest challenge is staying positive. Kathryn gives us some great strategies for keeping our chin up and focused until we find that perfect fit. – InPower Editors Whether […]

We Challenge You: Take The Lead with Sheryl Sandberg


Entire Session (Media panel begins @ 55 min – Sheryl Sandberg’s Keynote begins @ 1 hr 27 minutes) InPower Women was honored to partner with Take The Lead to host a livestream on February 19. It was an inspiring evening with Sheryl Sandberg, Gloria Feldt and other luminaries challenged us to lean in to our own […]

The Value of Women In Startups


Traditionally, female entrepreneurs have lagged behind males, but that’s starting to change. Plus, some studies have revealed the value female leadership can bring to a company. Infographic credit: Online Business Degree. Did you like today’s post? If so you’ll love receiving them in your email for a good morning infusion of InPower! Sign up HERE […]

How Do You Know It’s Time To Ask For Help?


How do you know when you’re ready to ask for help and receive it with arms wide open. How do you know when it’s time to grow into a new version of you? We think everyone experiences these growth times a bit differently and we enjoy how Mitch shares her current growth stage with us […]

Holiday Eating Challenges?

Boiled Sweeties

Who can’t relate to the challenges of stress, holidays and food? Emily takes a really meaningful look at holiday eating issues for so many women and finds us a way to see them in a fresh light. – InPower Editors This time of year used to be especially tough. As a recovering food addict, being […]