May 30, 2015

Myth #2: Women Can’t Get Investment Dollars (Part 1: How the Investor Side Works)


Some say you need money to make money. That’s not necessarily true. An entrepreneur creates a business out of an idea and a lot of time and effort. And last I checked, ideas and effort are free. Time is costly. And maybe material product, but that’s different. We have a perception that women can’t get investment dollars […]

Embrace the Power of Choice


Feel stuck?  Choose to become unstuck. Have you ever felt stuck in a job, with a daycare, or just in a bad situation?  It’s a sinking feeling when you feel like there’s no way out. But we have good news!  In this month’s Working Mom chat Dana and Lizzy will talk about how you always […]

The Power of Authentic Emotion


I often hear women say that they can’t show emotion at work or they’ll get ‘killed.’ Historically, it has been risky – even career-ending – for women leaders to show emotion, especially in male-dominated cultures. Somehow it makes them seem less credible, less tough, less … you name it. So for survival, women try to […]

Book review: Leading Women – 20 Influential Women Share Their Secrets to Leadership, Business and Life by Nancy D. O’Reilly


Women are leading all over the world in all kinds of ways. No matter how you lead, call on your inner power to succeed. – InPower Editors Women leaders are everywhere. You don’t need to be a CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation, have earned millions of dollars, or be in Washington DC to be a leader. […]

Exceptional Leadership By Women


Do you ever doubt that women are leading change in the world? Yes we are! Enjoy John’s reflection on just a few that matter a lot! – InPower Editors I had the good fortune to attend the Women in Philanthropy and Leadership (WiPL) Annual Conference sponsored by Coastal Carolina University, and would like to share […]

Women and the Non Profit Sector: A Drastic Need to Rewrite the Narrative


We think of women as the primary drivers behind the giving and charity sectors, but it’s not necessarily so from a leadership point of view. Thanks to Kaitlin for reminding us that the women doing some of the most important work in the world should be celebrated. – InPower Editors By: Kaitlin Rattigan I would […]

Work + Child Care: Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way


Do you do what it takes? Of course you do. Here’s some insight from Kathryn Sollmann into how one mom makes it work, and some good questions to ask yourself about what options you’re opening up for yourself, no matter what it takes. – InPower Editors This is a shout-out to Christy Meares of Wilmington, […]

Before you “Lean In” Create a Combat Plan for Your Life and Career

Before you -Lean In-...

What does it mean to “lean in”? The more important question is “what does it mean for YOU to lean in?” We each find a unique path to focusing on our own life goals, for ourselves and our families. Join Dana & Lizzy to talk about how you can make your own plan to lean […]

Myth #1 for Women Entrepreneurs: Corporate America Has to Change for You to Succeed


We humans tell ourselves a lot of stories. Don’t let the stories confuse you about what matters to your success. Mary gives us a great perspective on why when you read about women not making it in Corporate America, you should not believe this has anything to do with your own chance for success in […]

Forget Work Life Balance: Seven Paradigm Shifts for The New 24/7 Normal


Is the work life juggle driving you insane?  The reality of life is that we have a “new normal”. Five trends create this new normal:  Technology enables us to be always connected  There are fewer people needing to do more work The speed of information flow globally demands 24/7 responsiveness The speed of change is […]