August 30, 2015

Women Have Always Been Great Leaders. Why Do We Need to Prove It?


Women have always been great leaders. We just don’t talk or hear about them. Sometimes I’ll read articles about why women should be leaders, as if we need an argument upon argument to support women’s leadership. I have noticed that some of these articles focus on stereotypes – women’s personality traits, management styles, and differences. […]

Do You Have Work-Life Confidence?


Women who successfully blend work and life have a healthy dose of what I call “Vitamin C” or Confidence. They know that no area of your life will ever be perfect for a sustained period of time—and that it is possible to blend work and life without feeling like you’re shortchanging your job or your […]

Book Review: Spiraling Upward, the 5 Co-Creative Powers for Women on the Rise – How It Is Helping Me Restart My Business


“Your job as a co-creator is to nurture this seed in you and continue to open to the truth of who you are, which is wanted and needed in the world.” —Wendy Wallbridge, Spiraling Upward There were 2 reasons why I was thrilled to read, Spiraling Upward, the 5 Co-creative Powers for Women on the […]

Women, Work, and What’s Next – An Infographic


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As We Get More Women in STEM, Have We Limited Their Options?


About a month ago, my friend Maureen called me for advice. A young family friend, April, was entering college, and she was getting a lot of pressure to be a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) major from family and teachers. She excelled at math and science, but she loved her English classes and wanted […]

Senate Women – A Glimpse of “Grait-ness”


Consider these New York Times headlines: Senators Near Fiscal Deal and Senate Women Lead Effort to Find Accord The current U.S. government impasse has been a grit-fest. It’s been like watching “Godzilla Meets King Kong” – two opposing beasts slugging it out to the death, laying waste to everything in their path. In Washington, four weeks […]

The Dollars and Sense of Women and Work


As a career coach and seminar leader, I’ve met hundreds of “stay-at-home mothers” who spend months—or even years—weighing the pros and cons of returning to work. Though the immediate assumption would be that these women can easily afford never to work again, I’ve learned that even in affluent communities, finances are relatively tight in quite […]

The Surprising Reason We Need More Women In The Global Workforce


By: Katerina Sokou Could getting more women in the workforce be the key to a stronger and more stable global economy? Some leading thinkers, including at the International Monetary Fund, argue exactly that. “Growth is the lens through which we view the issue of female labor force participation, as women can make a critical contribution to […]

Are You Drowning in Unsolicited Advice?


By Victoria Pynchon In recent days, it’s been suggested to me (the generic woman) that I find a way to strengthen my voice(Executive Presence); jettison my womanly emotions in the workplace (don’t cry!); eliminate question marks and exclamation points from my email communications (??!!???); act more like a guy; act less like a guy (in […]

Release the Script


What does it mean to be authentic in a business context? Many of us struggle with this question but few of us wear the process out loud. That’s what gurus are for. Watch Emily struggle out loud with how to be authentic. When was the last time you dropped your script? – InPower Editors Whenever […]