November 27, 2015

The Elephant in the Gender Equality Room: Masculinity

By: Kaitlin Rattigan Just as women and girls are expected to follow ridiculous, degrading and constricting ideas of what it means to be feminine men and boys face, albeit different, but just as restricting expectations for what it means to be masculine. So, let’s talk about it. Miss Representation is at it again. Jennifer Seibel Newsom, […]

Are You Drowning in Unsolicited Advice?

By Victoria Pynchon In recent days, it’s been suggested to me (the generic woman) that I find a way to strengthen my voice(Executive Presence); jettison my womanly emotions in the workplace (don’t cry!); eliminate question marks and exclamation points from my email communications (??!!???); act more like a guy; act less like a guy (in […]

Myth #2: Women Can’t Get Investment Dollars (Part 1: How the Investor Side Works)

Some say you need money to make money. That’s not necessarily true. An entrepreneur creates a business out of an idea and a lot of time and effort. And last I checked, ideas and effort are free. Time is costly. And maybe material product, but that’s different. We have a perception that women can’t get investment dollars […]

Do You Confuse Emotions with Emotional Intelligence (EQ?)

Many women believe that because their emotions (or the emotions of others) are familiar to them, that this means they’re emotionally intelligent. Not always . . . Dana reminds us that even women can build their EQ. – InPower Editors It often surprises my executive coaching clients how important their emotions are to their workplace […]

Research Wonders: Can Women Fix Capitalism with Centered Leadership?

Study: Profile of a Centered Leader  (Joanna Barsh, Johanne Lavoie, McKinsey 2014) Finding: Successful and happy women leaders who love their work at the top have some common “centered leadership” characteristics that resonate with men, too. Note about The Woman Effect Research Index: This study was performed by researchers not affiliated with InPower Women. Our Research Index includes all relevant research to […]

How to be a Game Changer

Women are often told not to play the business game by the same rules as the men. We don’t fare well when we do. But what are we supposed to do? Birute gives us an awesome example of what a female game changer looks and acts like. Go Celeste! (and Jane!) – InPower Editors Be […]

Research Summary: Gender Based Negotiation Styles

Title: Reversing the Gender Gap in Negotiations Study: Reversing the Gender Gap in Negotiations: An Exploration of Stereotype Regeneration (Laura J. Kray, Adam D. Galinsky, Leigh Thompson. Elsevier 2000) Finding: Women outperform men in negotiation styles when they are told that feminine traits are linked with success and masculine traits are linked with ineffectiveness. Note about The […]

Why Women Don’t Make Less than Men [Infographic]

We hear a lot about the pay gap and there certainly is one. The official data says women earn $0.77 to the dollar that men do, but what we’re learning is that the pay gap isn’t all about discrimination. The choices women make matter too. Nothing is all or nothing! – InPower Editors Source: […]

Research Summary: Women in Philanthropy Have A Big Impact

Title: Women in Philanthropy Have A Big Impact Study:  The 2011 Study of High Net Worth Women’s Philanthropy (Osili and Mesch, The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University 2011) Finding: Women are actively involved with the charities they support. Note about The Woman Effect Research Index: This study was performed by researchers not affiliated with InPower […]

What Will it Take to Make a Woman President?

Countries all over the world, from the Argentina to the U.K. have had elected women leaders, and yet in the United States it still seems a dream. Almost as remote a possibility to some as having an African-American president! Shana reviews a book that examines why the U.S. may be so backward in this area, […]