December 22, 2014

Paula Davis-Laack, JD, MAPP

Paula Davis-Laack, JD, MAPP, is a former practicing lawyer, an internationally-published writer, and a stress and resilience expert who has taught and coached resiliency skills to thousands of professionals across the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Her articles on stress, burnout prevention, resilience, and work/life balance are prominently featured on her blogs in The Huffington Post and Psychology Today, and on Dr. Oz’s website, Sharecare. Paula works with American Express as part of their Passion Project on Tumblr, and her expertise has been featured in and on US News & World Report, Women’s Health magazine, Working Mother magazine, The Steve Harvey TV show, Huffington Post Live and a variety of radio programs and podcasts. Paula is the Founder and CEO of the Davis Laack Stress & Resilience Institute, a practice devoted to helping busy professionals prevent burnout. Her website is, and you can reach her at

Six Sources of Burnout at Work


How do you know when you’re wiped out vs. burned out? Paula blows our minds with this simple distinction and then helps us break down exactly WHY we’re burned out so we can do something about it. Awesome post! – InPower Editors Earlier this week I spoke to a group of women accountants and financial […]

Do You Work for a Conscious Business?

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Part of running a conscious business is being a compassionate leader. Paula helps us understand the value of compassion in the workplace on a personal and organizational level. Great read for leaders at all levels! – InPower Editors Early in my law practice, I remember going to the head of my team to report a […]

Advice for Girls About Happiness


Sometimes it’s hard to take good advice for ourselves, but when we remember we’re acting as role models for our daughters and other young women in our lives, it can get easier. We love Paula’s excellent advice for young women (and older women too!) – InPower Editors Avoid happiness traps! Click To Tweet Women’s happiness […]

Leading Employees – The Happy Way!


When you’re leading a team, sometimes it tough to know when you’re doing things right. We like Paula’s simple descriptions of happy employees because it’s easy to recognize success through her eyes. Are your employees happy? – InPower Editor When was the last time you jumped out of bed, excited that it was Monday morning, […]

Profit from the Positive: 5 Strategies for Career Success


Sometimes leadership advice for career success sounds like so much gobbledegook. We agree with Paula that simple and positive is best, and we agree that Greenberg and Maymin’s new book, “Profit from the Positive” offers some good advice to leaders and high-achievers alike! – InPower Editors What type of leader are you, and how well […]

Maxed Out – 6 Sources of Work Stress for Moms and Non-Moms

maxed out

Moms know how much stress they’re under, but what does a non-mom work stress expert think? We really appreciate that Paula took a look at stress through a mother’s eyes in today’s post where she reviewed the new book by Katrina Alcorn, Maxed Out. Along the way, Paula teaches us all about stress management, whether […]

Want More Happiness and Less Stress? Get FAT

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You may think you don’t want to get fat, but you DO want to be a FAT thinker. Paula breaks down the secret to the brain games behind building a “less stress” life. How many of these games are you already playing? How many more can you learn to reduce the stress in your life? […]

Burned out? 7 Strategies to Make It Stop


Everyone who works hard dances with the possibility of burnout, and sometimes we succumb. We love Paula’s 7 strategies for preventing burn out before it takes over your life. Our favorite? “Get real and go ‘there.’” What can you do more of to take care of yourself and hold off the burn out? – InPower […]

5 Strategies to Help You Forgive


Is there someone in your life that you need to forgive?  Have you reached out or are you still hanging onto the hurt?  I reconnected with a friend of mine, who I’ll call Mary, earlier this week.  Thanks to a big miscommunication about a job search nearly a decade ago, Mary and I parted ways […]

9 Steps to Changing Careers and Getting the Life You Want


There are two questions I get asked most frequently when I meet new people and tell them my story. The first is, “Why did you decide to leave law?” and the second is, “How did you make the change?” I recently got an email from a woman explaining that she was stuck in her career […]

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