November 29, 2015

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Research Says: Overcoming The Backlash Effect

  Study: Overcoming the Backlash Effect: Self- Monitoring and Women’s Promotions (Olivia A. O’Neill, PhD and Charles O’Reilly, Stanford Graduate School of Business 2011) Finding: Learning to self-monitor your masculine and feminine leadership style characteristics, and evaluate the situations they’re best suited for could mean a faster climb up the corporate ladder. Note about The Woman Effect Research […]

Stuck at 15%: Are Women Doomed to Second Place?

Some athletes are simply not destined to get the gold. Women have a record-breaking presence in the Olympics this year – every nation sporting women on their teams for the first time in history and more women than men on the U.S. team. But when I look at the participation stats across the other sectors […]

Research Category: CAPABILITY

Abilities and/or behaviors that affect people’s performance in business, management and leadership These studies evaluate what women (and men) are capable of, genetically, neurologically and behaviorally. Many of them draw conclusions or hypotheses about how these fundamental capabilities affect our ability to perform in business situations.     2014 Women in Leadership Are As Good As Men (American […]